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Miami Football Scandal: 15 Players Have Eligibility Questions

University of Miami President Donna Shalala confirmed in a video message that 15 current athletes are having their eligibility reviewed because of possible rules violations in connection with former booster Nevin Shapiro's claim that he provided them with improper benefits. She said the investigation was a joint effort between school compliance officers and the NCAA. Beyond that news, though, little light was shed on the situation.

"I know there are many unanswered questions about the investigation, about the process and consequences," Shalala said in the video. "With NCAA investigators on campus during the past week and so many unknowns, there’s not much we can say beyond our written statements. It’s frustrating for us, for me, to be unable to speak more freely or to answer questions. However we must protect the integrity of investigation as it proceeds."

Shalala said the school had retained outside council that specializes in NCAA investigations and that she had directed the athletics department to fully cooperate.

Shapiro has claimed that he provided dozens of athletes with money, cars, prostitutes and other gifts. He is currently in jail for his roll in a multi-million dollar ponzi scheme.

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