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LSU Football Players Could Face Felony Charges Stemming From Bar Brawl

The LSU Tigers may be looking at a long-term future without the four players involved in a Baton Rouge bar brawl on Friday. That's because the Baton Rouge Police Department is describing the potential charges awaiting those involved in the fight — and they include felonies.

Late Monday, Baton Rouge Police Department spokesman Don Stone said that "simple battery and second degree battery will be the appropriate charge" when the police investigation comes to its conclusion. And second degree battery is a felony in Louisiana.

That means that some or all of the four Tigers who will be meeting with Baton Rouge police in the near future — Jordan Jefferson, Josh Johns, Chris Davenport, and Jarvis Landry — could face a charge that carries a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison.

The prospect of suspensions seems to be tied to charges in this case. But if Les Miles is inclined to be punitive should his players get arrested for felonies, things could get very dicey very shortly for the Tigers.

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