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Jordan Jefferson, LSU Teammates Meet With Police

Jordan Jefferson, Josh Johns, Chris Davenport, and Jarvis Landry, the four LSU football players implicated in a Friday fight, met with police Tuesday to discuss the events.

The four LSU football players implicated in a Friday fight gave their statements to police and provided investigators with the names of at least a dozen additional witnesses, Chief Dewayne White said at a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

White also gave descriptions of injuries the victims sustained, saying one has three fractured vertebrae while another has contusions on his head, hands and nose.

According to police, the investigation is "far from over."

The players met at the Baton Rouge Police Department’s Violent Crime Unit just before noon along with their lawyer. Following the meeting, their lawyer said, "No charges have been promised or given."

Meanwhile, Nathan Fisher, the lawyer representing the four players, has changed his stance. He originally said he would defense the players free of charge, but he will now charge them for his services. The LSU compliance staff intervened when Fisher was willing to offer services for free.

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