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Some FAQs About The SB Nation iPhone App

The (very FREE) SB Nation iPhone App is here, and just waiting for you to download it from the App Store, all 310 blogs and even our 21 Regional sites are all featured on the app, as is the ability for you to read and reply to comments and get notified of updates to the StoryStreams you choose to follow on, regional sites, Baseball Nation and MMA Nation. 

We think the app is user-friendly and straight forward, but obviously there are going to be some questions. Here we'll try to answer a few of the more frequently asked ones we're seeing this morning:


When can I download the app?

Right now! Go to the App Store and download it! Tell your friends!

Is it free?

Yes! The app is 100% free -- Why aren't you downloading it yet?!

Why iOS?

When we decided to create a mobile app for SB Nation, Android usage was growing rapidly, but iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) users were a larger segment of our mobile web audience. As of today, they are almost even. Our plan was to pick one (the largest at the time) and figure out what the application should be, refine it based on feedback and metrics and then move on to other platforms, with Android being next in line. And rather than creating both at the same time, we wanted to focus more on the application design than trying to build it for two platforms.

Will there be an Android app?

Absolutely! SB Nation will definitely have an Android app in the future. The plan is to release the iPhone app, get tons of feedback, see how people are using it, make a few fixes and then get started on Android. We know there are a lot of Android users out there so we'll be doing our best to get an app for you guys as soon as possible.

When will the Android app be available?

We're shooting for the end of the year.

What about BlackBerry, or Windows? 

No plans for apps there, sorry. But we do always offer a mobile version

No iPad app?

The iPhone app is not designed with the iPad in mind, but we hope to issue an iPad optimized version in the not too distant future. In the meantime, be sure to add SB Nation on a couple of the best iPad apps available, Flipboard and Pulse.

What can I expect from comments?

Commenting for the first release is pretty basic. You can read, post and reply to comments. So while you can't rec a comment yet, an enhanced commenting system IS coming soon.

I love this app! Where can I write my review? 

Want to share your review after downloading? Great! You can do so on the app's page.  


    If you have any more questions, feedback or comments, e-mail

    We're interested in feedback and want to know your thoughts on our new app, and what updates you'd want to see in the future.