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David Stern Will Not Collect On Eight-Figure Salary During NBA Lockout, According To Marc Stein

David Stern's salary made waves earlier in the week when it was reported that the NBA's commissioner rakes in eight figures each season. Stern has done some damage control since, however, by indicating that he won't receive a paycheck until the NBA lockout is complete.

The seemingly most powerful man in the NBA's current negotiation's standoff will not collect his salary until the NBA lockout, according to sources speaking to ESPN's Marc Stein. Stern has, however, "given no indication that he will agree to lower his salary when the sides ultimately do hammer out a new labor agreement," according to the report.

This isn't exactly surprising news as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell dropped his salary to $1 during the NFL's impasse before recently coming to terms, but it does show that Stern is at least trying to keep any sort of scorn away from himself for making money while so many jobs are being lost during the lockout.

Hopefully, for the state of basketball, Stern's able to go back to getting his full salary -- whether it's $15 million or $23 million or anything else the owners are willing to pay -- sooner rather than later.