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CBA Hung Up On Roger Goodell's Control Of Personal Conduct Policy

The NFL lockout has ended but there are still a few nagging issues to be meted out before the new collective bargaining agreement can be ratified, chief among them being Roger Goodell's refusal to relinquish full control of the NFL's personal conduct policy.

Per Pro Football Talk:

Since inception of the rule that exposes players and other team and league employees to discipline for off-field conduct, regardless of whether an arrest or conviction arises, Goodell has had the ability both to impose a penalty and to preside over the appeals process. Though former NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw willingly gave Goodell that power, the players generally have decided after several years of incidents and enforcements that they want someone other than Goodell or an employee of the league office to have final say.

Until the new CBA is ratified, newly-signed free agents will not be able to practice with their respective teams. The earliest that free agents can begin practicing is this Thursday, though obviously that date is now in serious jeopardy. 

Yes, the lockout has ended, but the technical annoyances of negotiation still rage on.