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Derek Fisher Mum On Progress After Six-Hour NBA Lockout Session

Top-level officials from the league and players' union had their second meeting of the NBA lockout on Wednesday at what was supposed to be a secret location in New York City. Reporters, of course, found the session about as easily as middle-grade contestants found Carmen Sandiego circa 1992. At the end of the six-hour session, union president Derek Fisher did not oblige the gumshoes with much talk about progress.

He did, however, note that a thawing of relations has occurred. From SI's Chris Mannix:

According to Fisher, two sides agreed that league and players would stop taking shots at each other.

Things had gotten testy since the NBA filed suit against the players on August 2. An appearance on Bill Simmons' popular podcast by NBA commissioner David Stern also fueled a number of fierce responses from player reps.

Fisher also told reporters that the union and league agreed to continue talking. The sides went 29 days without meeting; the previous span between meetings was 31 days.