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NBA Lockout: David Stern Says There's Time For A Deal

After Wednesday's secret-but-not-really NBA lockout meeting between league and union officials, NBA commissioner David Stern briefly addressed reporters who staked out the session. Like union president Derek Fisher, Stern didn't say much beyond noting that the parties would be meeting again. But Stern did say one other note of interest.

From the New York Times' Howard Beck:

Stern and [deputy commissioner Adam] Silver just spoke. Just as cautious as Fisher in assessing progress. But Stern said there is definitely time to make a deal.

It was September 24, 1998, when Stern announced the postponement of training camps and preseason games the last time the league had a lockout. Based on that precedent, the league and union have a little more than three weeks to get cooking. Meeting -- even without solid progress -- is a good start.

Wednesday's meeting was said to include only Stern, Silver, Fisher, union director Billy Hunter and lawyer Ron Klempner and Spurs owner Peter Holt.