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William Vlachos 2012 NFL Draft prospect notes

William Vlachos
6'1, 294 pounds | Center | Alabama

First word:
One could argue that starting centers more than any other position are often found later in the draft.  There are a handful of very good centers that even went undrafted.  However, this position is very important because they are the captains of the offensive line.

William Vlachos is not the type of player that is going to wow anyone athletically.  He doesn't have great measurements nor will he run an impressive 40 time.  What Vlachos lacks in athleticism he makes up for with his technically sound play.  He is able to quickly snap the ball and get his hands up on the defender.  His hands are routinely inside allowing him to lock on and control.  His lack of height actually works to his advantage as he easily attains leverage on the defender.  His leverage coupled with his strong base allows him to anchor after contact.  In the running game, Vlachos uses his heavy hands to control the defender and seal him from the play.

While Vlachos has a future in the NFL, it will be tough for an NFL team to fall in love with his skills.  He is not going to stand out on game film or impress anyone in workouts.  Vlachos isn't the most explosive player and struggles to move defenders off the line.  He is more of a zone blocking fit because he can velcro and seal.  His lack of athletic ability makes it difficult for him to be effective in space.  Vlachos struggles to remain balanced and reach defenders in the 2nd level.

Even with his limitations, Vlachos has a future in the NFL.  His technically sound play will allow him to make the necessary blocks.  However, he will only be successful in the right system which limits his versatility.  His lack of versatility will limit the interested teams.

Bold statement: Vlachos will not be drafted early but will end up as a starting center in the NFL

Games viewed: Arkansas ('10), LSU ('10), Auburn ('10), South Carolina ('10)

William Vlachos
6'1, 294 pounds | Center | Alabama


  • Passing the eye test is going to be an issue for Vlachos as he is short and stocky
  • He doesn't have great athleticism and isn't very fluid
  • When in space, Vlachos will struggle to keep defenders in front of him
  • His lack of height helps him stay low and get leverage
  • He is able to snap the ball and get his hands up all in one motion
  • That motion allows him to routinely get his hands inside the defender
  • Vlachos is pesky and once he gets his hands on you its hard to disengage
  • He always gets inside hands and does a good job staying low
  • Vlachos has a natural bend
  • His quickness off the ball helps overcome his lack of strength and athleticism
  • He is a very good velcro player
  • Vlachos looks to be a good fit for a zone blocking scheme
  • He is going to move people off the line but can lock on, turn, and seal
  • Faced top competition in SEC such has Nick Fairley and Drake Nevis.