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Soldier Field Turf Will Require Better Maintenance By Chicago Bears

While NFL fans will get their first chance ever at playing in Soldier Field when the Madden '12 demo comes out on Tuesday, there is no word on whether the field will resemble the condition that forced the cancellation of Friday's public practice.

As for the actual Soldier Field, the Chicago Bears plan to have a more active role in the upkeep of the field, reports the Chicago Tribune (via ProFootballTalk). The Bears had relied on the Chicago Park District to maintain the field since the city of Chicago owns Soldier Field. Now the Bears want to step up their involvement with Park District.

While a switch to FieldTurf would help prevent situations like the one that arose on Friday, Bears management wants to stick with natural grass because they believe it will help maintain the health of players. The poor field conditions last week notwithstanding, natural grass is here to stay in Soldier Field.

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