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Terrelle Pryor Plans Pro Day Workout, According To Report

Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor has announced plans to work out for NFL scouts on Friday, August 12th, according to reports. The Pro Day-styled exhibition will be held at an unidentified location in Pittsburgh.

Pryor's decision comes on the heels of Monday's announcement that the NFL Supplemental Draft will be held on August 17th. While there is no guarantee that the draft will actually take place -- applicants must first be accepted by the league -- the disgraced Buckeye's name is easily the most publicized potential entry.

Though there is a sizeable possibility that even with Prior's recent lawyer work, he could find himself excluded from the proceedings when the time comes. Mike Florio explains:

There's a school of thought in league circles that the NFL will find a way to exclude Pryor, ostensibly to ensure that players can't render themselves ineligible for college (and thus eligible for the supplemental draft) at will but as a practical matter to please the keepers of the NFL's free farm system.

Pryor threw for 6177 yards, 57 touchdowns, and 26 interceptions, while completing 60.9 percent of his passes in three years with the Ohio State Buckeyes. He was banned from the university in June after a thorough investigation of his role in the Jim Tressel scandal.

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