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AEG's Los Angeles Stadium Plan Expected To Recieve 'Overwhelming' Approval On Tuesday

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AEG has been hard at work selling their plan for a downtown Los Angeles stadium, and on Tuesday it appears the massive public relations campaign will pay-off. While we're still a ways off from the NFL making a return to LA, the city council will reportedly vote on a financing plan at a Tuesday meeting. If approved, the plan would be another step in the right direction towards building a downtown stadium and, perhaps, bringing an NFL team back to the city.

LA Times reporter Sam Farmer tweeted his expectation for the proceedings.

As I tweeted last week, AEG's proposal for a downtown LA stadium deal will win overwhelming approval from the city council today.

The agreement is non-binding and the stadium is still five years off, but Tuesday's vote is needed to keep the project on track. Tuesday's vote is a sizable step forward, though plenty of obstacles remain before a downtown stadium is actually built. Nevertheless, the city council is expected to approve a tentative financing plan, allowing AEG to continue to move forward.

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