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NBA Lockout: David Stern Says Goal Is Still To Start Season On Time

NBA commissioner David Stern backed up the rhetoric coming from the NBA Players Association that Tuesday's NBA lockout bargaining session did not go well, saying the two sides "did not have a good day." However, he still reiterated his desire for the NBA season to begin on time. Via Ken Berger of CBS Sports.

Stern says it's "still our goal" to start season on time.

Stern said the reason for the issues on Tuesday stemmed from the players insisting the soft cap remain in place in return for concessions on the basketball-related income. Deputy commissioner Adam Silver said the players had an "emotional attachment" to the current cap system and would only accept the concession on the BRI if the cap remained in place as is. Deputy commissioner Silver also took issue with the NBPA's rhetoric following the meeting.

As for the news that the owners met for a while separately, Stern admitted that the owners spent "substantial time" discussing a revenue sharing plan.