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NBA Lockout Negotiations To Resume Tuesday

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NBA lockout negotiations will resume Tuesday in New York City, reports CBS Sports' Ken Berger, as players' union director Billy Hunter has postponed a regional meeting in Miami to make himself available. The small, high-level teams that have most frequently met over the past month are expected to be the ones that reconvene.

There were concerns the league and union would not meet this week after talks broke down on Thursday. The union had one of its regular regional meetings scheduled Tuesday in Miami and Thursday and Friday mark Rosh Hoshanah, a major Jewish holiday that would lock a number of participants out of negotiations. But the union's move to postpone the Miami meeting opened up Tuesday and Wednesday for talks in New York.

Whether anything comes from those talks, however, is a tougher nut to crack. The league on Friday cancelled 43 preseason games and delayed the opening of training camps. A week from now, the NBA will consider whether to kill the rest of preseason.