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NBA Lockout Talks Advancing Leads To Larger Group Meetings Ahead

Wednesday is shaping up to be a pretty pivotal day as far as the NBA lockout talks are concerned. The chance that it seems both sides are advancing toward some sort of deal is also seeming more like a reality than hopeful optimism from those hoping to watch professional basketball in the near future, too, as reports indicate larger group meetings are planned for the weekend in New York.

"Word is players are headed to NYC for union meetings this weekend, with NBPA executive board," reports Newsday's Alan Hahn via Twitter. "A few star players expected to attend."

Ken Berger of CBS Sports confirmed the report, adding a few details of his own to what could be a big step if Wednesday's meetings go as well as one can hope.

If warranted, players -- and possibly owners -- could be in NYC to discuss latest bargaining developments, source says. Possibility of larger groups converging underscores importance of (Wednesday's) bargaining session.

Hopefully the two sides have something to agree upon in New York following Wednesday's meetings rather than having to go back to the drawing board.