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Rays Vs. Yankees: Mark Teixeira Strikes Again, Now 6-0 New York

Not that the difference between a five-run deficit and a six-run deficit is all that big, but from a psychological standpoint, the Rays really didn't need the top of the fourth to happen the way it did.

David Price came out looking to find some sort of groove and hold the score where it was, and it looked like he might succeed. He got Derek Jeter to pop out. He struck out Curtis Granderson with a perfectly placed outside fastball. There were two out and none on when Price faced Mark Teixeira for the third time.

But Price missed outside with a first-pitch fastball, and when he tried to come in, Teixeira turned on the pitch and did what he did earlier:


Teixeira launched a deep solo home run down the left field line. Ignore the scoreboard in the image - the homer extended the Yankees' lead to 6-0. It wasn't even so much that Price made a mistake; Teixeira is just a really good hitter, turns out.

Desperately looking to climb back into the contest, the Rays sent four batters to the plate against Aaron Laffey in the bottom half. One of them got hit. The other three made outs. And so the score remains 6-0 New York with four in the books.