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Rays Vs. Yankees: New York Still Up A Touchdown Through Six

Look: I don't think it's going to happen. Not here. The Rays are behind by far too much. Even though their game isn't over, and even though they aren't facing the Yankees' A-team, we're talking about seven runs and nine outs. It's incredibly unlikely, which is why Rays fans need to be pulling harder for the Orioles than ever.

Facing Phil Hughes in the bottom of the fifth, the Rays got their leadoff batter on board, but stranded him. Then in the sixth, facing Raul Valdes, they got two runners on board, but stranded them, when Kelly Shoppach fouled out. Through six innings, the Rays hitters have just two hits to their name, and though they also have five walks and a HBP, it's plain to see that David Price hasn't been the only problem. You need to hit and pitch to win, and the Rays have done neither.

They still have three innings to go, but, again, 7-0. I can't even pretend that this is in any way close. It's a blowout, at the worst possible time. The Rays could use some dingers!