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Orioles Vs. Red Sox: Rain Delay May Last A While

Here’s what the Baltimore-area radar looked like at 9:55 p.m. ET:

The bright reds and oranges are the ones heading toward the center of Baltimore, where Camden Yards is located and where the Red Sox and Orioles are waiting out a rain delay in the bottom of the seventh inning with the Red Sox leading 3-2.

With the Rays losing, all the Red Sox have to do is complete the win and they are the AL wild card.

In fairness to the Rays, MLB really has to wait hours and hours and hours before they call this game, even though it has passed the point of being an official game. If the score were 7-0 as it is in Tampa, that would be another story; but in a one-run game the Orioles should be given the full nine innings to try to come back and win.

It says here that they’ll wait till the early hours of the morning before they call this one — and they’ll make every effort to finish.