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Rays Vs. Yankees: Evan Longoria Punctuates Massive Tampa Rally

The Tampa Bay Rays didn't score in the first. They didn't score in the second. They didn't score in the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, or the seventh. All the while, the New York Yankees scored seven times. Headed into the bottom of the eighth, the Rays were playing against a lot of Yankee scrubs and backups, but they were still losing 7-0, so one could argue that these fans were entirely justified:



The bottom of the eighth began innocently enough, with Johnny Damon blooping a single just behind short. Ben Zobrist followed with a double, but even there, we're talking about two baserunners in a seven-run game. Not important.

Then Boone Logan hit Casey Kotchman. Not only did the HBP load the bases - the ball caromed off Kotchman and hit Jesus Montero in the hand. Montero grabbed at his hand in pain and had to be removed, along with Logan, who was replaced by Luis Ayala.

Ayala didn't help. He walked pinch-hitter Sam Fuld to force in a run. He hit Sean Rodriguez to force in another run. Three batters and two outs later, Ayala faced Evan Longoria with two on and the score 7-3, and Longoria pounded a first-pitch fastball deep into the left field seats, bringing the fans who remained to their feet. All of a sudden, impossibly, the Rays were right back in the game, with a six-run eighth reducing the deficit to one.

On top of everything, John Jaso followed Longoria's homer with a single and pinch-runner Elliot Johnson stole second to put the tying run in scoring position. Johnson, though, was stranded when Damon - who began the inning with a single - popped out.

So the Rays didn't come all the way back. But they came most of the way back, and now they're staring at a much more manageable 7-6 ninth-inning deficit. And they probably won't even have to face Mariano Rivera. Baseball!

I bet the Red Sox are having fun watching this during their rain delay.