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Red Sox Vs. Orioles: Baltimore Happy To Send Boston Home 'Sad, Crying'

The Baltimore Orioles were out of the playoff race for quite awhile, but that didn't stop them from playing hard in the final game of the MLB regular season in an effort to force the Boston Red Sox to also miss out on playing in October. And, frankly, the Orioles were happy to send the Red Sox home the way they did.

The player that seems happiest about helping end Boston's season is the same guy that effectively ended Boston's season in the bottom of the ninth inning.

"End of season like this - (to) make Boston go home sad, crying - I'll take it all day," Robert Andino, the player that drove in the game-winning run with a line drive Carl Crawford couldn't get under, told the Baltimore Sun after the game.

Andino apparently takes a special sort of pride in beating up on the Red Sox as Wednesday night's game wasn't the first time he came up in the clutch again Boston. His manager, though, was a bit caring in his post-game comments.

"I can't believe what Boston must be going through emotionally right now. We understand that there's another side to this," Buck Showalter said. "Baseball is a cruel game."

A cruel game indeed -- especially when one team can take solace in winning for no other reason than sending the other home sad and crying.