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Boston Red Sox GM Theo Epstein Admits 'Regrets' At Press Conference

Boston GM Theo Epstein spoke to the media a day after the Red Sox completed an epic collapse, failing to make the playoffs.

Not even 24 hours removed from completing their epic collapse, Boston Red Sox' general manager Theo Epstein spoke to the media to voice his concerns and displeasure with the way things ended up as well as set the record straight on the status of skipper Terry Francona.

On the late-season collapse:

"I think you can certainly say across the board, if the urgency was felt, we didn't respond to it...There were regrets. There was a lot of talent in that clubhouse. We didn't get the results we wanted."

On manager Terry Francona:

"Tito and I spent some time talking today. We're going to get together [all of the ownership] and talk about the future...No one blames what happened in September on Tito."

On slugger David Ortiz:

"I told [Pap] that I thought that he took his game to a new level this year. I was proud of him, the way he took that next step."

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