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LeBron James, Kevin Durant Will Attend NBA Lockout Talks, Says Report; Kobe Bryant Not Expected

The stars are making their ways to New York City for the latest round of NBA lockout talks, reports Sam Amick of Amick reports that LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony are expected to take part in Friday's critical session between players and owners in the Big Apple, joining the National Basketball Players Association's executive committee, which is made up of far less notable players, with the exception of NBPA VP Chris Paul

Kobe Bryant, returning to the United States from a European tour with Nike, is not expected to be back in time for Friday's session, Amick reports. The sides are, however, expected to bargain through the weekend.

In addition to a heavier set of players, reports suggest 15 team owners will join David Stern, Adam Silver and the league's leadership in New York. Traditionally, the two sides have made progress when meeting in smaller teams with less than a dozen people in the room. When the groups get larger, the talks collapse. Let's hope that changes this time around.