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NCAA Tournament Selection Show GIFs: Where Babies Are In Harm's Way

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The live look-ins on Selection Sunday are the best part of the NCAA Tournament bracket reveal. Sandwiched between the rather pointless analysis and drawn-out bracket announcements, CBS always cuts to teams that make the field to catch their reactions in real-time. While it would be better to see awkward green room footage of bubble teams sweating it out, perhaps with a montage of snubs breaking things, these reaction shots of pure joy are always excellent.

So excellent, in fact, that we've compiled some of the best and worst from Selection Sunday. There are GIFs after the jump. Lots and lots of GIFs. Strap in.


Look at the sleeping baby in the middle of it all. Everyone around the young child erupts, but it doesn't even faze the kid. Also notice the woman next to the baby. In her jubilation, she completely forgets she's next to a fragile child and nearly does some serious damage. This GIF is clearly the winner for so many reasons.


I'm not convinced this was actually a reaction shot. I think Iowa State was caught doing the wave.


Didn't even take the net off. Fashion statement? I think so.


Check out Frank Haith here, just hanging out and staring up at the Jumbotron. Someone also needs to tell Missouri to pay attention instead of looking up at the big screen. Especially you three in the middle there. You're missing out on all the fun.


Another GIF, another young child in the mix. John Groce almost gives his son whiplash while forgetting YO THERE'S A YOUNG BOY ON YOUR LAP.


This is like those awkward standing ovations you sometimes see at awards shows. People start to stand, then it's a slow burn as the rest of the crowd kind of figures it out. Murray State is the Grammys of NCAA Tournament celebrations.


I was half expecting Harvard players do be doing homework in a quiet study hall when the camera cut to them.


And here we have New Mexico winning the Selection Sunday dance off. Excellence in choreography.


Look at the screens in the back. Was VCU at a bowling alley?


Kansas just doesn't even give a damn. I've seen better crowd reactions at golf tournaments.

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