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Syracuse Vs. UNC-Asheville: Officials Blow Multiple Calls

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Fine. We'll concede that the lane violation was the correct call, even if it was a ridiculous call -- one you never see in college basketball or otherwise. That still doesn't excuse the other missed calls in Thursday's matchup between the No. 1-seeded Syracuse Orange and the No. 16 UNC-Asheville Bulldogs, which were more than blatant.

Let's start with this one:


There's an argument for a loose ball foul here, but it wasn't called. And without the foul call, there's no way Syracuse should've been awarded the ball. It clearly was off the Orange -- an inexcusable miss.

Or how 'bout this one?


Not called a goaltend. It was off the backboard, over the cylinder and on its way down. It was, by any measure, a goaltend. A textbook goaltend, in fact.

Part of the outrage stems from wanting to see a No. 16 seed make history, sure. But an officiating crew working an NCAA Tournament game has to be better than this. There's just no excuse.

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