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St. Bonaventure Has Some ... Odd Fans

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St. Bonaventure gave Florida State a scare before falling in the final moments, thanks to a minor bout with the clock-management derpsies. But still, the Bonnies hung tough all game, leading for much of the matchup and pushing the third-seeded Seminoles, and strong favorites, down to the wire.

That's all fine and dandy, but let's talk about the Bonnies' fans for a moment. You probably saw these people in the crowd, but were you paying close attention? Did you notice some of them were ... strange?



Yeah, there's a man in a wrestling mask there, the Bonnies' own version of Nacho Libre. But next to him, we have a young man who ... oh what the hell is that haircut? Come on, man.


Notice the fans around him, who appear to be wondering what in the world his deal is.

Good night, St. Bonaventure. It was a fun, albeit short, ride.