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ANIMATED/PHOTOS: This Is What It Looks Like When Duke Loses To Lehigh

Duke's loss to Lehigh in the 2012 NCAA Tournament was not necessarily "one of the all-time shockers" -- heck, Missouri's loss to Norfolk State hours earlier may have been more shocking -- but it may set new records on the Internet Schadenfreude Meter. Just look at this Dukie.


You don't think there's more? You must not know us.


Keep in mind that the worst thing that will ever happen to most Duke fans are unflattering screencaps on national television after Duke loses and you will keep laughing!

Oh, and Coach K, your thoughts?


... can you still move?


Oh, good. I was worried.

The counterpoint to the tears of Blue Devils, of course, is the pure, buoyant joy Lehigh gets to soak in.


The band seems happy! This cheerleader seems happier!



When you're a Lehigh fan, and your team upsets one of college basketball's titans, you will treasure those tears forever. So, congrats, Crying Lehigh Cheerleader: you gave us what will likely be the image of the 2012 NCAA Tournament.


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