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VIDEO: Sweet 16 Predictions That Are Both Bold And Wrong

We are a precious few hours away from the second slew of Sweet 16 games, which means you need some bold predictions on who is going to win and how they're going to do it.

Does Indiana have a shot at a second win over top-seeded Kentucky? Can Ohio keep the dream of a 13-seed in the Final Four alive? Will double-digit seeds Xavier and NC State BOTH crash the Elite Eight?

If you're looking the answers to these questions, you probably shouldn't listen to Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford. They've got the bold thing down, but the accuracy part still escapes them.

Ok, they're not really even that bold either.

D.J. Cooper hits a runner in the lane to put Ohio up one with 1.3 seconds left. North Carolina's Harrison Barnes then bobbles an inbounds pass to halfcourt before letting go of a wild heave that missed badly left, but wouldn't have counted anyway because it was released after the final buzzer.

That's bold. Also wrong.