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Kentucky Fans Not Quite Rioting, Instead Disturbing Peace On State Street

It's still not so much a riot, but more an uprising in celebration in Lexington on Saturday evening. The Kentucky Wildcats' win over Louisville in the Final Four sparked somewhat of a street party, but there has been some damage as a result. The "riot," or whatever it is, has been taking place on State Street, where crowds have gathered following the win.

This paints a pretty good picture of what's going on.

There are a few cars flipped over and at least one with its windows bashed out, as well.


And a few fires, too.



Photos via @KernelAretakis

But, again, most of the crowds are confined to one small area. And when fans pour out of bars and onto the street following a big Final Four win over a hated rival, there's bound to be some kind of disturbance.

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