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Final Four 2012: John Calipari Says He Doesn't Like NBA's Age-Limit Rule

Though he's gone on record with this before, John Calipari said he "doesn't like" the NBA's age-limit rule following his Kentucky Wildcats' win over the Louisville Cardinals Saturday night. This time, though, he was naming names, specifically Duke and North Carolina.

Calipari was asked what it means for a team starting three freshmen to advance to the national championship game, despite the criticism directed at building a program around likely one-and-done players.

"Let me start by telling you it's not their rule and it's not my rule that they can leave after one year, OK?" he said. "There's got to be things done so that that can be worked on. I've said it from day one. I don't like the rule, but it's a rule.

"The choice is you recruit players that aren't as good as these players, or you try to convince (Anthony Davis) to stay and to come back and be my point guard next year," he continued. "That's my options."

"To say they're young, they're the most efficient team in the country. So we're not just rolling balls out. I don't know what's bad for college basketball about it. North Carolina just had three guys leave early, maybe more. I don't know if that's bad for college basketball. Duke had one. That is bad for college basketball? Is it these guys that are bad for college basketball? I don't know."

"All I'm doing is I'm doing what's right for these people, helping them reach their dreams. During the season, I tell them it's about our team. You can see that it is. When this season ends, we'll all sit down and they have a decision on the 28th or 29th of April, and they'll make a decision. It will be about them at that point."

It's clear Calipari is tired of fielding questions like this, but it's interesting the way he's calling out his colleagues on Tobacco Road like that. This might not ruffle a few feathers, or it may, but Calipari's fed up with answering for his talented players.

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