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NCAA Championship 2012: Anthony Davis Vs. Thomas Robinson? That, Or Kentucky Zones It Up

It's widely accepted that the Kentucky Wildcats have more raw talent than the Kansas Jayhawks and that Anthony Davis is the best NBA prospect that will be playing in the national title game. However, that doesn't mean that a Wildcat will have the most impact on the game. Thomas Robinson was the country's only unanimous All-America selection and provides a tough matchup for Kentucky.

When the two teams met in a 75-65 Kentucky win early in the season, Robinson wasn't given an opportunity to take a lot of shots. It was an odd game, in which his teammates couldn't buy a basket and Tyshawn Taylor got to the free throw line 17 times. Kentucky turned the ball over 19 times. Don't expect a stylistic repeat in the national title game at all.

For those who were counting on a Davis-Robinson one-on-one slugfest ... don't. Robinson is too strong to be guarded by Terrence Jones one-on-one, and if Davis takes him on, Jeff Withey is going to have a big size advantage on whatever Kentucky player guards him. What's the solution? According to John Calipari, it might be a zone. Really. Select words in bold for emphasis.

"We know how good Thomas Robinson is. We all know. We went against him in New York. He is as good as they get. He’s a vicious competitor, great around the rim, expanded his game. He can make the top of the key 3. Loves driving that thing hard left and getting to the rim. He has become a better handler and passer, rebounds. So we know how good he is. I don’t really know who is going to guard him. We may play a 2-3 zone. Those guys are so big, we may fall into a zone. I haven’t played that very often, but we may do it."

It's possible that Cal is just playing mind games with the media and Bill Self, but the idea isn't terribly far-fetched.

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