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Senior Bowl 2012: Official Roster Includes Kellen Moore, Russell Wilson, And Kendall Wright

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The 2012 Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL gets started on Jan. 22 with the official weigh-ins, followed by a week of practice leading up to the game on Jan. 28 in Ladd-Peebles Stadium.

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The 2012 Senior Bowl kicks off on Jan. 22 with official weigh-ins and the final roster is starting to come together. The teams haven't been broken up yet into North or South, but more and more players are added to the official roster each day. The game typically features some of the top tier talent entering the NFL Draft, and the 2012 version of the game is no different.

Some notable names include Boise State quarterback Kellen Clemens, Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson, and Baylor star receiver Kendall Wright. The game often includes a handful of first round picks and gives NFL teams a great insight into the prospects. It's also a great platform for some of the more unheralded prospects like North Carolina wide receiver Dwight Jones to make an impression and a platform for players who's season was cut short due to injuries like Arizona's Juron Criner.

For the rest of the official roster thus far, visit the Senior Bowl's official site.

The game is coached by current NFL coaching staffs, as to give the players entering the draft a look into how a week of NFL practice and game preparation is done. The 2012 Senior Bowl will be coached by the staffs from the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings.

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