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2012 Senior Bowl Weigh-In Results: Meat Market Winners And Losers

A bunch of old guys watched a bunch of young guys take their shirts off, and National Football Post has a big spreadsheet full of numbers as a result. It's 2012 Senior Bowl weigh-in day!

NFL Draft blog Mocking the Draft has a breakdown of the most important measurements, including the smallness of Wisconsin Badgers quarterback Russell Wilson (five-foot-10) and Boise St. Broncos quarterback Kellen Moore (a cerebral 191 pounds) and the gigantism of Ohio St. Buckeyes defensive tackle Mike Adams (11-inch hands!) and Georgia Bulldogs offensive lineman Cordy Glenn (346 pounds!).

Elsewhere, Iowa St. Cyclones tackle Kelechi Osemele is praised for having really long arms, Alabama Crimson Tide end Courtney Upshaw's stubby limbs become cause for concern, not that you'd ever say it to his face, and big Boise State safety George Iloka may emerge as the training table culprit behind Moore's tiny frame. There are only so many potatoes to go around, you see.

Almost everyone will be extensively weighed and measured again at the NFL Combine, but for the time being, this is the most important weigh-in in 2012 NFL Draft history. Treasure it, creepily.

For more on the Senior Bowl and complete draft coverage, check out SB Nation's 2012 NFL Draft page and Mocking the Draft.