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Robert Griffin III, Baylor Have New Pro Day Date

Robert Griffin III will move up his pro day, enabling scouts to see both him and Andrew Luck before the 2012 NFL Draft.

Scouts hoping to see both Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck up close and in person appear to have caught a break. After the two top quarterbacks were initially scheduled to hold their pro days on the same date, Griffin has apparently decided to move his up one day to March 21 (via Pro Football Talk).

From Griffin's standpoint, the move makes a lot of sense. The indication now is that the Indianapolis Colts will take Andrew Luck first overall in the NFL Draft. The only real chance Griffin has to change that is by showing himself in the best light possible and his pro day is one of the last opportunities he'll have to do that.

If Griffin can really impress -- and if Luck is less impressive than expected -- there would at least be a possibility that he could move into the top spot and guarantee himself a few million dollars more. Conversely, there's almost no downside to making this change.