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Robert Griffin III Plans To 'Wow' Teams; Likely Won't Throw At NFL Combine

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III is one of the top rated prospects in the NFL Draft, and the Heisman-winning quarterback is projected to go as high as the second overall pick. Recently, Griffin spoke with Sports Illustrated and talked about the NFL combine, where the quarterback plans to "wow" teams in the interview room.

"I'm excited to wow them in the interviews with the type of offense that we run, just so they can understand it's not as simple as some people make our spread out to be. It's a different kind of spread,'' Griffin told Sports Illustrated. "Although I don't agree with it, but people say I just burst on the scene this year, so no one knows much about me, whether NFL GMs or analysts, so I get a chance to put my best foot forward.''

Griffin also noted in the interview that he likely will not throw at the NFL combine, instead opting to throw at the Baylor Pro Day on March 21. Originally the Baylor Pro Day was scheduled on the same day as Stanford's, which meant top rated prospect Andrew Luck and Griffin would have dueling Pro Days. Baylor has moved theirs up a day now, so Griffin will get a chance to impress scouts before Luck.

"It's like a performance when it comes to your pro day and when you're throwing. It's exactly like a performance, you've just got to memorize the script and go out and execute to the best of your ability,'' Griffin told Sports Illustrated about throwing at his Pro Day.

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