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NFL Combine: For Brock Osweiler, Shorter Is Better

In Day 3 of the 2012 NFL Combine in Indianapolis, there have already been a pair of interesting revelations regarding quarterback height. Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III measured in 3/8 of an inch taller than previously thought, boosting his stock in the NFL Draft, which is already at a premium. The prevailing belief is that taller is better where NFL quarterbacks are concerned, although that belief does have a threshold.

Arizona St. Sun Devils quarterback Brock Osweiler has long been touted as being 6'8, a figure that had turned off a lot of NFL scouts and analysts. At the Combine on Friday, Osweiler actually measure in at 6'6 and 7/8 inches, according to Rob Rang of CBS Sports.

For Osweiler, coming in over an inch shorter than everyone had thought may be more beneficial for his stock than Griffin's height increase. Although Osweiler was known for his surprising athleticism for his size, the 6'8 tag raised a lot of concerns for scouts, who likely envisioned a gargantuan behemoth clomping around behind the line of scrimmage and stumbling over his own feet. 6'6 is easier for scouts to get their heads around, which is nothing but good news for the QB.

If Osweiler can impress in the physical components of the Combine, expect him to make a big jump in the mock drafts.

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