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VIDEO: Robert Griffin III Runs 4.38, 4.41 40-Yard Dashes At 2012 NFL Combine

A lot of NFL writers were bashing the comparisons between Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton because they didn't feel it was fair to compare Griffin to a "running" quarterback.

Turns out, it was unfair to Griffin because Newton's too slow. Griffin ran a 4.41 in his first attempt and a 4.38 in his second attempt at the 40-yard dash in the 2012 NFL combine, the fastest time by a quarterback in 12 years. By comparison, Newton ran a 4.60 in his fastest time last year.

Here's video of his first run, clocked at 4.41:

Here's video of his second run, clocked at 4.38:

That's some serious, serious speed. Andrew Luck is the presumptive first overall pick and Griffin was unanimously considered the second-best quarterback prospect. After this, I don't know if their positions switch, but the perceived gap just got a lot closer.

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