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VIDEO: Stephen Hill Is This Year's NFL Combine Freak

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Every year, there's at least one player who comes into the NFL Scouting Combine and blows all their draft projections out of the water with a terrific workout. Early in the day when quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs are being evaluated, Georgia Tech's Stephen Hill is certainly one of those guys.

Hill is 6-foot-4 and 215 pounds, but only had 28 catches in his senior season at Georgia Tech because of the Yellow Jackets' notorious triple-option offense. He did have more than 800 yards in those catches, so we knew he had some speed, but this is just ridiculous:

That's Hill running a 4.30 40-yard dash, the fastest clocked at the combine so far. He ran a 4.31 on his second attempt, so that wasn't a fluke. Still, straight line speed is just one attribute that doesn't always translate to the NFL. He then ran what's called "the gauntlet," a drill that measures a receiver's ability to catch with his hands without breaking stride, a much better indication of NFL-level talent:

As you can see, those hands are like steel traps. He didn't break stride for a second, and his hands acted like a football wasn't just rocketed into them. He and Michael Floyd, another big guy who ran well (4.42), ran the best in this drill, but Hill might have just secured himself a selection in the first three rounds with this performance.

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