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ANIMATED: Robert Griffin III Dusts Cam Newton, Andrew Luck Jumps High

Robert Griffin III's putting on a show at the 2012 NFL Combine, and his exhibition has included a blistering pair of 40-yard dashes that have him ranked among the fastest quarterbacks in recent Combine history. But NFL Network showing Griffin running "against" a ghost version of Cam Newton from the 2011 NFL Combine gives a sense of just how fast the Heisman Trophy winner from Baylor is.


Newton's obviously bigger, but Griffin's speed is simply phenomenal.

Of course, he's unlikely to be the No. 1 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, because Andrew Luck exists. And Luck's doing his own level best in the Combine's physical drills. Here he is jumping high in the air:


...and here he is jumping more than 10 feet in the broad jump.


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