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NFL Combine: Robert Griffin III Explains Why He Didn't Fully Participate

The NFL Draft Combine has lost its luster over the years because a lot of the top prospects don't fully participate in all of the drills. NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock called out Robert Griffin III and his decision not to throw this week, and unsurprisingly, the Baylor Bears quarterback was ready with a solid answer.

Griffin III alluded that it was simply because he wouldn't have any chemistry with the players he was throwing to, saying he'd rather help out his own wide receivers during the Baylor pro day, according to the transcription provided by Pro Football Talk.

"I thought it was in my best interests not to come and throw to guys I haven't thrown to before, running a game plan I'm not familiar with, and in an environment that I'm not prepared for," Griffin said in response to a question from host Rich Eisen regarding the decision not to show off a multi-million-dollar arm. "So I'll do it at my Pro Day, it kind of helps out the guys at Baylor that are coming out, they can get more scouts there and watch us do our thing."

It's probably not the answer everyone was hoping for, but it does make sense. It doesn't hurt that Griffin III was impressive in the drills he did take part in, either.

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