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2012 NFL Combine Results: Robert Griffin III Fastest In 40-Yard Dash Among Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks showed up well in the 40-yard dash at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine, though none better than Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III out of Baylor. With a time of 4.41 seconds, he posted the second fastest 40 of any quarterback at the combine in the last 12 years, with Texas A&M's Reggie McNeal barely holding onto the top spot with his 4.40-second run during the 2005 Combine.

Also having a nice day was Wisconsin's Russell Wilson, whose 4.55-second run should help make up for criticisms about his height.

Darron Thomas did not perform so well. His decision to enter the NFL Draft with another year of eligibility left was criticized from the get-go, and after recording a 4.80 on Sunday, he will have a harder time selling himself as a dual-threat to prospective pro teams. You can check out the full results below.

2012 NFL Combine 40-yard Dash Results - Quarterbacks

  • Robert Griffin III, Baylor, 4.41
  • Russell Wilson, Wisconsin, 4.55
  • Jordan Jefferson, LSU, 4.65
  • Andrew Luck, Stanford, 4.67
  • Jacory Harris, Miami, 4.72
  • Aaron Corp, Richmond, 4.72
  • Austin Davis, Southern Miss, 4.76
  • Chandler Harnish, Northern Illinois, 4.76
  • Darron Thomas, Oregon, 4.80
  • Case Keenum, Houston, 4.82
  • Ryan Lindley, San Diego St., 4.90
  • Kirk Cousins, Michigan St., 4.93
  • Kellen Moore, Boise St., 4.94
  • Nick Foles, Arizona, 5.14

If you're wondering how fast Griffin III is, here's a spliced GIF that compares him to Cam Newton and Andrew Luck.


You can check out the full results courtesy of

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