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Redskins' Trade For Rams' No. 2 Pick Won't Change Plans To Lure Peyton Manning, According To Report

One would assume the Washington Redskins just swapped first round picks in the 2012 NFL Draft with the St. Louis Rams, in addition to sending two future first-round picks and a second, in an effort to draft Robert Griffin III. The Heisman winner from Baylor is a can't miss prospect, even if the bounty to trade into position to draft him was hefty. But that doesn't mean the Redskins are done yet.

No, Washington still has its eyes on the prize, according to Adam Schefter.

Perhaps the Redskins just traded up to draft Matt Khalil. In all seriousness, if Washington actually has the means to sign Manning to a big contract and draft Griffin III, more power to them. Washington could, in theory, have Manning in the immediate and Griffin in the future, or perhaps one fun quarterback competition.

The odds of this happening, however, seem incredibly unlikely. But dream for a moment, Redskins fans.

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