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NFL Draft 2012: RG3 On His Critics, The NFL, And What Fuels Him (VIDEO)

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At Tuesday night's EA NCAA 2013 preview party, SB Nation's own Dan Rubenstein got a few minutes alone to talk to the man of the hour and NCAA 2013 cover star Robert Griffin III.

En route to becoming hopelessly enamored with the gentleman (and who wouldn't be), Rubenstein got to discuss a wide range of topics with RG3, including Griffin's take on what he expects in the NFL, saying it's "pretty obvious" that he's going to the Washington Redskins and why he likes the team, talking about playing with a chip on your shoulder and a whole lot more. Check it out.

And if, somehow, you weren't in tune with what makes the reigning Heisman Trophy winner so desirable in this year's draft, check out SB Nation's draft profile of the former Baylor Bears quarterback below.

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