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NFL Draft Grades: Entirely Too Early Evaluations Of How Teams Did Thursday

One round is down in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Cowboys and Rams were among the teams that made solid moves Thursday night, while the Seahawks left us confused.

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There's only one round of the 2012 NFL Draft complete -- rounds 2 and 3 are Friday and then 4 through 7 on Saturday -- but we're ready to grade how each team is doing to this point. Because, why not?

Yeah, it's way too early, we should wait three years, etc, etc. I get all that. But it's still fun to act like we know what we're talking about in the day after the picks.

Here's a snapshot of how I view the first round of the 2012 NFL draft.

A - Top Of The Class

Colts: From Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck ... don't you get how lucky you are, Colts fans?

Redskins: Yeah, they gave up a boatload to move up; but if Robert Griffin III is as good as us draft analysts say he is, there's no question it was worth the move.

Cowboys: I'm usually not a fan of trading up for a position other than quarterback. The Cowboys moved up from 14 to 6 but only paid the price of a second rounder, which is cheaper than usual, to pick up the top player at a premium position. After signing Brandon Carr in free agency, the Cowboys have a ton of potential in that secondary.

Rams: The Rams moved back from No. 2 to No. 6 to No. 14. They took the player at 14, Michael Brockers, they would've taken at 6. Not a bad deal now that they own the second round of the draft.

Bengals: Two first-round picks, plus a trade down, which gives them more mid-round picks. Dre Kirkpatrick's college tape comes against the best competition in the country, which means there are fewer question marks. Kevin Zeitler is the second-best guard on the board behind David DeCastro. Two potential starters in one round.

Inside the NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall.

B - A.J. Smith 'Good But Not Elite' Class

Browns: Some say the Browns giving up 4th, 5th and 7th round picks to move up one spot for Trent Richardson is too much. But you're also picking a guy that will hopefully touch the ball 20+ times a game. Brandon Weeden was Cleveland's other first round pick. Uh, Colt McCoy?

Vikings: Love that the Vikings picked up three extra mid-round picks to move back one spot and draft the guy they wanted (Matt Kalil). Not a big fan of trading back into the first round for Harrison Smith. Good player, just not a huge fan of the trade-up.

Bucs: Mark Barron was flying up draft boards before the draft so the Bucs had to take him at No. 7 to make sure they got who they wanted. Trading back caused them to miss out on Morris Claiborne, but the extra picks plus Barron make the move worth it. It also allowed them to move back into the first round for Doug Martin.

Dolphins: Not going to knock a team for making a bold move to acquire a quarterback. That's simply what it takes in this league. Good luck, Ryan Tannehill.

Bills: Some smart people say Stephon Gilmore could end up being the best cornerback in this draft. The Bills have to face Tom Brady twice a year. It's worth investing in corners. One concern is that they still need an offensive tackle.

Eagles: Philly moved up three spots for Fletcher Cox, one of the top defensive tackles in the draft. Talent meets need.

Cardinals: Michael Floyd teams with Larry Fitzgerald. An offensive tackle could've been a consideration as well. Receivers should soon be the strength of the Cards again.

Chargers: Melvin Ingram is a solid pick. The Chargers have been seeking a pass rusher, as well as an offensive tackle. Either would have been good picks but I really like Ingram.

Titans: The Browns wanted Kendall Wright at the 22nd pick. Tennessee gets him at No. 20. Young receiver to pair with Jake Locker.

Patriots: It's not often you revamp a position in one day like the Patriots have done here with Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower. New England's pass rush was a weakness.

Lions: I'm probably higher on this pick than others but Riley Reiff is a technically sound tackle who has good value at No. 23. The Lions found themselves a starting offensive tackle with the 23rd pick.

Steelers: David DeCastro is such a sure-thing. Love this pick. Team him with Maurkice Pouncey and that interior offensive line looks elite.

Packers: The Packers nail so many of their picks that Nick Perry will probably become a star. This addressed one of their needs, pass rushing.

Giants: Seems a little high for David Wilson, but GM Jerry Reese is arguably the best GM in football so I'll take his word for it.

Ravens: They moved out of the first round and got more picks. With the way they draft, it's hard to say that's a bad move.

C - Picks With Equal Potential And Question Marks

Jaguars: You need receivers, yes, but I thought they could've found a way to drop back and select Michael Floyd instead of Justin Blackmon. Moving up in the draft to select him would make me nervous.

Panthers: Luke Kuechly is a solid player worthy of the ninth overall pick, but it seems there were more pressing needs for the Panthers. Mock drafters said this should've been a defensive tackle.

Chiefs: Dontari Poe has the physical skills, but we're not sure if he can consistently put it together on tape. This pick can go either way.

Jets: Quinton Coples has some potential, but I really thought this would be Melvin Ingram, a popular mock draft choice for New York.

Bears: No. 19 seemed a little high for Shea McClellin. We'll see what Chicago's defense can do with him.

Texans: Whitney Mercilus had a solid junior season, but not much prior to that. Boom-or-bust type of pick here but Houston has the personnel to make it work.

49ers: A.J. Jenkins was considered by many to be a 2nd round pick, so this comes off as a bit of a reach. Jenkins spends a year with Randy Moss at receiver.

D - This Is A Stretch

Seahawks: Bruce Irvin had some fans but he was widely viewed as a second round pick. The Seahawks took him 15th overall. A very "Huh?" type of moment.

F - Al Davis Legacy Award

Outside of Irvin, no major head scratchers this year. Most picks were reasonable.

I - Incomplete (No First Round Pick)

Saints: Was Mark Ingram really worth losing this year's first round pick, too? The Saints thinks so. No picks in the second round for the Saints, either.

Raiders: They're gonna be waiting a while to pick.

Falcons: Julio Jones was your first round pick this year, too.

Broncos: They basically traded the 25th pick for the 36th and 101st picks.

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