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PHOTO: Russell Wilson's Wife Is Thrilled He Was Drafted

There are usually two sets of reactions when a player is drafted into the NFL. The first is of the player himself, who is typically stoic and usually on the phone with the team that picked him. You might get a smile or a quick show of emotion, but not much.

Then there's the rest of the crowd. Depending on the draft party, it can range from polite cheering to all out mayhem -- looking at you, Whitney Mercilus. It's these friends and family members that will make the live look-in a little more fun.

With that in mind, let's meet Russell Wilson's wife.

First of all, sweet phone, man. I always wanted a rotary.


The wife is in the background, calm and relaxed at this point. She doesn't know yet. But when she does ...


Oh no ...


BAM! There it is. She's real excited and looks like she's about to take a chunk out of his neck.

Edit: Oh no, the GIFs:



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