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2012 NFL Draft Results: Redskins Draft Kirk Cousins In 4th Round

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The next round of picks of the 4th round of the 2012 NFL Draft are in. The Denver Broncos kept the draft moving along by selecting with cornerback Omar Bolden out of Arizona State with the No. 101 overall pick of the draft. Bolden missed the 2011 season with the Sun Devils suffering a torn ACL in April before the season. Bolden was said to have been a second or third round pick going into that season.

Surprisingly the Washington Redskins drafted another quarterback in the draft to go with second overall pick Robert Griffin III, selecting Kirk Cousins out of Michigan State. This makes the Redskins the first team since 1989 to draft two quarterbacks in the same draft in the top four rounds.

101. Denver Broncos: Arizona State CB Omar Bolden, 5'10, 202 pounds.

102. Washington Redskins: Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins, 6'3, 214 pounds.

Mocking The Draft on Cousins:

Cousins is a very intelligent player and understands the pro style system; whether it be taking snaps from under center or the shotgun he is equally proficient at both. He was a very productive starting QB in college and performed well against what I call "the 3 phases of competition". He performed well and usually showed no signs of drop off against below average teams, teams equally as talented, and the top ranked teams loaded with talent. He has good leadership qualities that he has shown multiple times when bringing his team from behind to comeback victories. That is one good sign of a future starting QB in the NFL.

103. Carolina Panthers: Oklahoma DE Frank Alexander, 6'4, 270 pounds

104. Carolina Panthers: Arkansas WR Joe Adams, 5'10, 179 pounds

105. Buffalo Bills: Florida State LB Nigel Bradham, 6'2, 241 pounds

Results from the 1st round of the 2012 NFL Draft can be found here, 2nd round results are available here, and 3rd round results can be found here. For more player rankings and draft information, check out Mocking the Draft.

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