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NFL Draft Grades: Rams Are One Of The Winners

While it's still entirely too early to tell who "won" the 2012 NFL Draft my early vote would go to the St. Louis Rams. Head coach Jeff Fisher and GM Les Snead were terrific in the way they moved down the draft board and still picked up good players while acquiring even more picks.

The best move of the year for the Rams was trading the second overall pick in the draft to the Washington Redskins for an extra 2nd round pick in 2012, and 1st round picks in each of the next two years. That's one of the biggest trades in NFL history.

The next move was trading down from the 6th pick to the Dallas Cowboys 14th pick. The Rams only received a 2nd round pick in the deal, which is less than similar trades in the past. But the Rams drafted Michael Brockers at No. 14, which they would've done at No. 6 anyway.

Brian Quick in the 2nd round has potential to be a good weapon for Sam Bradford. Janoris Jenkins was also worth the risk for the Rams considering they had three of the first 15 picks in the 2nd round.

Here are the rest of the Rams draft picks. he Rams deserve an A for the way they've been able to move around in the draft.

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