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2012 NFL Draft Results: Breakdown Of All 253 Picks By Position

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The 2012 NFL Draft wrapped up on Saturday evening. A total of 253 college football players heard their names called and will now have the chance to establish themselves as professionals.

The number of players selected at each position breaks down like this:

Quaterback: 11, four signal callers were picked in the first round.

Running back: 21, teams took flyers on complementary running backs and some players who had shown flashes before injuries limited them in college.

Wide receiver: 33, teams loaded up looking for role players in the later rounds capable of making an impact.

Tight end: 12, no tight ends were drafted in the 1st round.

Offensive line: 47, big bodies are always popular with teams constantly needing depth and hoping to find eventual starters in the later rounds.

Defensive line: 46, only four defensive linemen were drafted in the 1st round, far from last year's record of 12.

Linebacker: 30, Luke Kuechly of Boston College was the only linebacker picked in the 1st round.

Cornerback: 34, the cornerback position has become more and more important in league focused on passing. Teams found a number of talented corners in the middle rounds of the draft.

Safety: 16, for the second year in a row, the draft was thin on safety talent.

Kickers/punters: 6, Jacksonville added Bryan Anger, a punter, in the 3rd round, one of the more surprising picks of the draft.

Results from the 1st round of the 2012 NFL Draft can be found here, 2nd round results are available here, 3rd round results can be found here, and 4th round results are here. Check this StoryStream for 5th round results and click here for 6th round results. Results from the 7th round are available here. For more player rankings and draft information, check out Mocking the Draft.

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