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VIDEO: Mr. Irrelevant Announcement Kind Of Awkward

So there's a tradition for Mr. Irrelevant, the final pick in the NFL Draft. Each year, Paul Salata announces the pick, and the player chosen with the final selection in the draft is showered with gifts. It's somewhat of a dummy prize, and somewhat cool at the same time. After all, a free trip to Newport Beach isn't bad!

This year got just a little bit awkward. There's usually some semblance of suspense surrounding the Mr. Irrelevant announcement, especially since picking the final round is like throwing darts. It's built up on television and is something to look forward to.

But not so this year! It was whispered right into the mic ahead of time. And then things just got kinda ... odd.

But hey, congratulations to Chandler Harnish. Mel Kiper exclaimed "WHAT?" after learning who Mr. Irrelevant was. Harnish is actually good, and has been fun as hell to watch in college. Also enjoy that trip to Newport Beach, kid.