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VIDEO: Mel Kiper Facts!

I don't know why, but this is all kind of amazing. ESPN had about a minute to kill after the end of the draft, so naturally it was time to tee-off on Mel Kiper. You may know some of these facts, or perhaps not, but they're all pretty amazing. And no, they're not about his hair.

First, Mel Kiper just learned to use a computer a few years ago. For someone who makes a living scouting, this is kind of amazing. After all, it's easier to rummage through tapes digitally.

Kiper also doesn't write checks or use cards. You know what that means, right? Straight cash, homey.

And pumpkin pie with whip cream for breakfast every morning? And without eating the crust? Mel Kiper is really just a 10-year-old kid in a grownup's body with perfectly manicured hair.

The end of the draft, when everyone is just kind of killing time, is pretty neat!