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2012 NFL Draft: Best And Worst, From Andrew Luck To Mr. Irrelevant

The 2012 NFL Draft is now complete. It's time to recap the best and worst from the NFL Draft.

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The smoke has cleared on the 2012 NFL Draft. We've reviewed every pick, filed our reactions and handed out the grade cards.

After looking at every draft pick, I've made my selections for the best and the worst of the 2012 NFL Draft. Bengals and Colts fans will probably love me, while Raiders and Patriots fans probably won't.

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Best draft: Bengals

Alabama CB Dre Kirkpatrick (No. 17), Wisconsin G Kevin Zeitler (No. 27), Penn State DT Devon Still (No. 53), Rutgers WR Mohamed Sanu (No. 83), Clemson DT Brandon Thompson (No. 93), Georgia TE Orson Charles (No. 116), Iowa CB Shaun Prater (No. 156), California WR Marvin Jones (No. 166), Boise State FS George Iloka (No. 167), Ohio State RB Dan Herron (No. 191).

Loved almost every pick from Cincinnati in this draft, from drafting Kirkpatrick, the Alabama cornerback, to trading down and still selecting one of the top guards in the draft in Zeitler. Still was a first round pick in many mock drafts -- Cincy got him in Round 2. Brandon Thompson was considered an early second round pick by some. Charles is a solid value if he stays out of trouble. Even their late round picks, like Iloka, have been praised.

From top to bottom, the Bengals had a terrific draft.

Worst draft: Raiders

Sorry, Raider Nation. It was between you and the Saints, the two teams who didn't have picks in the first or second round.

The Raiders first pick came at No. 95. It's not that there's anything wrong with the Raiders picks -- they just didn't have any high ones. Just by the nature of the draft, picking later means you're going to have worse picks.

Best pick: Andrew Luck (Colts, No. 1)

Yeah, I'm taking the easy way out. This was the move everyone would have made, but the Colts still made the pick that will change their franchise for the next decade. The cost of the Redskins moving up to the second pick demonstrates just how valuable the top two quarterbacks were in this draft. In a quarterback-driven league, the Colts got the best prospect we've seen in a while.

It's incredible that one franchise can be so lucky. The Colts will move on from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck, while a team like my Chiefs have never drafted a quarterback that ended his career with more touchdowns than interceptions. So, yeah, you can see from my perspective why I think this is the best pick in the draft.

Worst pick: Tavon Wilson (Patriots, No. 48)

According to a number of scouting reports, this was one of the biggest reaches in the draft. Wilson was projected as a sixth-seventh round prospect in some scouting reports. He could turn out to be a solid player, but if the draft experts are to be believed, then Wilson could've been had at a later point.

There's the slight chance that Bill Belichick may know football better than I do, and this is actually a good pick. But I'll stick to my guns and label this as one of the biggest reaches in the draft.

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Best trade: Cowboys (No. 14) move up to the Rams pick (No. 6)

Dallas gave up just a second round pick to move up eight spots in the draft. Compared to other draft day trades, this was a terrific value. The Rams aren't exactly losers in this trade because they might have selected the guy they got at No. 14 (Michael Brockers) at No. 6.

But the Cowboys were able to select one of the "blue-chip" prospects in this draft by giving up just a second-rounder. Add in the fact that they picked up Brandon Carr in free agency, and the Cowboys completely re-worked their secondary.

Worst trade: Broncos move out of first round twice

The Broncos traded down from No. 25 to No. 31 and then again from No. 31 to No. 36. They basically moved down 11 spots to pick up an extra fourth round pick. With their Round 2 pick, they selected Cincinnati DT Derek Wolfe.

It's not so much that it's a bad trade, but it's that I thought the Broncos should've selected players to help Peyton Manning win now. Not down the road. The Super Bowl window is right now. A receiver or an offensive lineman would've made more sense to me.

Most underrated move: Redskins drafting Kirk Cousins

Some people are criticizing Washington for drafting Michigan State's Kirk Cousins in the fourth round. I love this pick. Quarterbacks are far and away the most valuable player on every team. The Redskins, if I see their plan correctly, will have Cousins as a backup to Robert Griffin III for the next couple of years. Ideally, Cousins plays some in preseason games the next couple of years and looks good, which will then lead to him getting traded. Matt Flynn, a now-former backup in Green Bay, received an $8 million-per-year deal after starting just two games. Teams are desperate for quarterbacks. Drafting one and flipping him later is a good plan. I like the Redskins move here.

Most overrated move: Browns trading up for Trent Richardson

I understand the move, and I agree with it, actually. Richardson is the type of running back that can make your team relevant. Unfortunately, being relevant and actually being a force in the playoffs are two different things. You need a quarterback to achieve the latter, and the Browns don't currently have that.

It's also that this pick alone won't change the Browns fortunes. Their best asset is a running back, and the AFC North teams, like the Steelers and Ravens, specialize in stopping the run. Your best weapon will go up against two of the best run defenses in a quarter of your games. I just don't see the value in Richardson when you frame it like that.

Again, I like the pick. I understand it and probably would've made the same pick. But that doesn't mean it will end up pushing the Browns over the top.

Best undrafted free agent signing: Chris Polk (Eagles)

Love it. Polk was incredibly productive in college rushing for over 1,100 yards in each of his final three seasons and --- important for the Eagles offense -- he also caught 20-plus balls in each of his last three seasons. The running back position has been devalued, we get that. But you still need quality running backs, and Polk is a good one that slipped through the cracks.

Teams are concerned about his injury history, but these are exactly the type of risks you should take in undrafted free agency.

Worst undrafted free agent signing: Vontaze Burfict (Bengals)

Yeah, there are upsides to this. I understand why they did it, but I don't have to agree with it. Burfict brings too much baggage for a guy that probably won't even make the 53-man roster. I'm just not interested in bringing that type of outside noise to my team on a player that likely won't make a major difference.

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Best moment in the draft: Mr. Irrelevant gets picked

I love watching the videos of the players reactions when they get selected, or when the teams call the players to tell them that they're selecting them. That's the case with Chandler Harnish, the former Northern Illinois quarterback, who was selected with the final pick in the draft.

Check out the video of his reaction to getting selected.

Worst moment in the draft: Awkward silence on ESPN

There are few things that make me more uncomfortable than an awkward silence. Kinda like this one on ESPN during the draft.

What, exactly, happened there?

Runner-up: Chris Berman's raspy voice telling me through the TV: "THE NFL DRAFT IS ALMOST HERE!!!" His voice makes me hurt.

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